Auto Accident in Yuma County Leads to Untimely Death

The Yuma County Sherriff’s office led an investigation into the untimely death of Diego Heredia, 27, that occurred on the morning of June 21, 2008, <a href="

According to a report by Channel 11, the accident happened at County 20 1/2 and Avenue G. Sheriff’s deputies say two other passengers were treated and released. But they are still searching for the driver. Investigators believe alcohol may have been a factor.

Our thoughts go out to the family of Mr. Heredia. We do not know the final outcome of the Sherriff’s investigation. The initial reports indicated that alcohol may have been a factor in this tragedy. If so, the driver will most likely face not only felony drunk driving charges, but also criminal vehicular manslaughter charges. He could also be held civilly responsible for the wrongful death of Diego Heredia.

Whether it was true in this case only further investigation will reveal. However, it is unarguable that those who make the decision to drink and drive not only put themselves in jeopardy, but become a significant hazard to their passengers and other motorists and pedestrians.

According to MADD, in 2006, an estimated 15,827 people died in alcohol-related traffic crashes—an average of one every 33 minutes. These deaths constitute 37 percent of the 42,532 total traffic fatalities.

Mr. Heredia’s family has the right to seek compensation for their loss if it was caused by the negligence of someone else. In this case, a full investigation would need to be done to investigate if drinking was involved, who served any such alcohol, or whether the crash was caused by some other factor. Mr. Heredia’s family has the right to seek out an experienced Arizona auto accident lawyer to determine what rights they have. Under Arizona law, surviving parents, spouses, and children all have rights, as does Mr. Heredia’s estate.

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