Drunk Driver Behind the Wheel of Photo-Radar Ticket Van

KPHO news reported that Scottsdale police have arrested the driver of a photo radar van for being under the influence while he was driving a marked photo-radar van and preventing a potential Arizona drunk driving accident

Police said that they were alerted by another driver of the erratic driving of the van, which was owned and operated by Scottsdale-based Redflex Traffic Systems.

Every adult in Arizona should be well-aware of the serious dangers of drinking and driving. Every resident of Scottsdale and the East Valley communities is aware of the speeding enforcement done with photo radar. It is unacceptable to see the employee of the photo radar company drive one of these vans while under the influence.

The powers-that-be love to make the argument that the purpose of photo radar is to slow people down and therefore reduce injuries. To whatever degree we can reduce injuries, as a Phoenix drunk driver accident lawyer, I stand behind the effort. However, the hypocrisy of allowing a drunk-driver to drive that photo radar van cannot be ignored. And if the allegations are true, it does raise the question of how many times this van has been driven by an intoxicated driver through the streets of Scottsdale. Was this the first time it happened, or just the first time the driver got caught?

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