Arizona personal injury lawyers discuss serious injury accidents and speed cameras

As Arizona personal injury lawyers we see the affects of tragic accidents every day. Although we do everything we can to help people after they have been involved in a serious injury following an automobile accident, we would like to see all of these auto accident injuries eliminated. And although you cannot eliminate motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle injuries, and pedestrian accidents in Arizona, and though we cannot completely prevent tragedy from occurring on our roadways, we should all do everything we can to try to reduce the number of people who are hurt in Arizona auto accidents.

It has long been known that drivers who speed near other vehicles that are not going as fast greatly increase the number of accidents that occur in Phoenix, Arizona as well as the number of serious injuries that are suffered by innocent victims on our freeways.

Now, we know that the speed cameras throughout the valley, from Mesa, Arizona to Goodyear, Arizona, from Glendale, Arizona to Casa Grande, from Scottsdale, Arizona and throughout Phoenix, Arizona are very controversial. We know that people do not like to see revenues go up for the State of Arizona and the different cities and we know many people feel that this is “big brother” type behavior by the government.

However, at Breyer Law Offices as experienced auto accident attorneys, we believe that anything that decreases the amount of wrongful death claims and injury lawsuits – by reducing the number of people who are hurt and need a personal injury lawyer or motor vehicle accident lawyer is a good thing.

While we have not yet seen the studies, we are hopeful that the speed cameras will greatly reduce the number of people who are hurt throughout Arizona. Once studies can be done with all of the new speed cameras that have been installed, those studies show that the number of people who suffer a personal injury has been decreased as a result, we completely applaud the installation. Now, we understand the motivation of the government may not have been to prevent people from needing to call a personal injury lawyer, or to prevent people from suffering Arizona truck accident injuries or car accident injuries, or motorcycle accident injuries in Phoenix, AZ. However, if the effect is to decrease the number of people whose lives are devastated, we think it is a good thing.

To this end, we found it very interesting to read the article on about the Gilbert, Arizona Company that makes Speed Cheetah which warns people as they approach a speed camera. We even applaud Arizona DPS and their efforts to make Arizona highways safer, as their spokesman is quoted as saying DPS supports using these devices if it will increase driver safety.

Because whether it is Speed Cheetah, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, or Arizona injury lawyers and trial lawyers, all of us should have the goal of keeping Arizona residents safe and healthy on our freeways and roadways.

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