Cell Phone Car Accident Study Reveals Texting While Driving More Dangerous

In discussing all of the topics that affect my area of law, I sometimes come across some interesting items addressed by lawyers throughout the country. One post worthy of discussion was written by someone that is among the best-known auto accident and personal injury lawyers in Toledo, Ohio, Charles Boyk.

Mr. Boyk argued that while the public continues to discuss the dangers of driving while talking on a cell phone, one real area of concern comes from the use of text messaging while driving.

For those who are not “tech savvy” text messaging is a way to send written messages from one cell phone to another. If you want to tell a friend something at a time you cannot talk or she cannot answer her phone, you can send a little message. However, text messaging requires the driver to look at their cell phone and pick the person they want to message, type in the message, and then send the message. All – or almost all – of which requires some time where the driver is not watching the road in front of him and runs the risk of causing a car accident while texting. Obviously, reading incoming messages also requires the driver to look away from the road.

Attorney Charles Boyk, whose research demonstrates why he must be considered among the best personal injury attorneys in Toledo and the surrounding area in Ohio, found a study by Findlaw.com found that nearly half of drivers 18-24 admit to texting – or sending email – while driving. Even with age, it does not improve very much, as 19% of drivers aged 35 – 44 admit to texting when driving.

Charles Boyk, of Charles Boyk Law Offices, during his investigation of cell phone car accidents also uncovered a study showing that there is a full 50% increase of a car accident if someone texts when driving. Attorney Charles Boyk also discussed a study by AAA that supported the significant dangers associated with sending text messages while driving.

As personal injury attorneys in Arizona, we help people who have been seriously injured. We have seen – far too often – the dangers of distracted driving and the life-changing consequences to the innocent victims of such behavior. If someone has been injured in a car accident and has reason to believe the accident was caused by someone distracted by text messaging, it is worthwhile to speak to an experienced injury lawyer about the effect that my have on a personal injury claim.

If you want to read more about this issue or simply want to read the work of this experienced Ohio auto accident lawyer, take a look at their blog: http://www.charlesboyk-law.com/blog/

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