While working online I came across a blog, just like this one, that informed people that when filing an auto accident claim in Arizona, the best way to be successful in their claim against the insurance company was to give detailed information requested by the insurance company in their claim forms. This is not true. Be very careful what the insurance companies ask for and whose interest they serve.

This blog is clearly written by somebody related to the insurance company. It is dangerous information. The insurance company of the driver who caused the accident and caused injuries is not on your side. They are not supposed to be on your side. They are never on your side. Their job is to protect their insured. Their insured is the very person who caused your auto accident injury. They are not requesting information because they are somehow objective and want to make sure that they are fair to you. They are requesting information to serve their own needs.

This does not mean that the other insurance company is necessarily “evil” or “out to get you”. It does mean, however, that providing detailed information without first making sure – usually through talking to a lawyer and finding out – what is in your best interest is never a good idea. Do not fill out claim forms from the adverse insurance company without making sure you have protected your rights. Do not give detailed information that can be spun and used against you unfairly by somebody who is out to save their money and protect their insured, sometimes at your expense.

Now, when I tell this to people they sometimes object, saying that they are only going to tell the truth. Of course you are going to tell the truth. You are required to tell the truth. You better tell the truth. If you ever want to work with me or my office or any reputable experienced personal injury lawyer you will have to tell the truth. But that does not mean you can trust the other side to be honest and truthful. The more information you give in certain circumstances, the more likelihood they can take things completely out of context and twist them and try to use them against you. It may be true that the truth usually prevails, but to allow the other side – the team that is playing against you, so to speak – to be given all of the ammunition without first making sure that all your “ducks are in a row” following an Arizona auto accident is a big mistake.

If you have any questions about anything else you read online or any automobile accident or legal questions in Arizona, make sure you contact an experienced certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death. Make sure you are talking to somebody who has answers to your questions that can be trusted, the opposite of what we found and in at least one insurance company run blog.

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