Dog Bite Attorneys Phoenix Arizona

Dog bite laws vary from one state to the next. Therefore, someone who has been involved in a dog bite or bitten by a dog in Arizona has different legal remedies than someone bitten in other states. Arizona dog bite laws are specific, and the laws that govern what a dog bite victim needs to prove are different than they are in other personal injury cases. For instance, in some states the owner of a dog can win a personal injury case if they can show that their dog has no history of being dangerous and that the owner was not negligent in the handling of the dog at the time of the dog bite attack. In Arizona, the laws hold a dog owner responsible for a dog bite even if the dog was not dangerous and the owner did not do anything negligently at the time of the attack.

Arizona probably takes this position with dog bite laws because it wants to encourage dog owners to be extremely careful and to try to decrease the number of Arizona dog bite victims. This is particularly important when it comes to personal injury cases with dog bites, because so many children are bitten by dogs and, all too often we have had to help children with facial scars and injuries from a dog attack. In addition to the large number of children who are victims of dog attacks throughout Arizona, dog attacks and dog bites have led to extremely serious injury and death.

We have represented many children and a majority of children whom we have assisted after a dog bite were bitten in the face. Whether this is due to the height of a child or other behavioral issues with the dogs, scarring to a child from a dog bite can be devastating. If your child has been bitten by a dog and you would like to speak to an Arizona personal injury attorney, please call us direct and we can help.

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