Gerald Hickman – a fantastic lawyer will be missed

Usually, the people that I write articles about are people we did not know on a personal basis. For one reason or another, their personal accident has been published by a news outlet, and in some of those cases it is worthy of further discussion or illustration.

Almost without exception, everybody I represent has been involved in a tragedy before I met them, or we help a family that lost a loved one before we got to know each other.

I am deeply saddened to write about the loss of a fantastic man, Gerald Hickman. He was also in a phoenix bicycle accident. This news saddens me greatly. He was a brilliant lawyer and phenomenal person. I had personal injury cases against Gerry, and he was a gentleman at all times. A fantastic lawyer yet, in my limited experience, an even better man. Prior to his death – and never contemplating that he would ever be involved in such a terrible incident, I told people that he took about the best expert witness deposition that I had seen.

For anyone who may read this, I hope they understand that the praise is higher than that of a colleague. Gerry was my adversary and a very skilled one. Also, he practiced law the way I believe it should be practiced. When we were not engaged in a deposition or other adversarial proceeding, he was a class act and a pleasure to be around and I enjoyed spending time with him. However, when “the lights came on” and it was time to do our job, he was smart, intelligent, and excellent at what he did.

I hesitated to write anything in this blog about Gerry. This blog is not a place for personal notes, and Gerry was not a “friend” as much as a colleague. I do not want to gain notoriety or attention from this horrible tragedy or even “blog traffic” from such a horrible, terrible tragedy of a man that I knew. However, I thought that this may be as good a place as any to I want to express our condolences to Gerry’s family, his loved ones, all of his friends, as well as his firm. He is going to be missed by many, many people.

Also, instead of keeping my personal admiration a private matter, and since this tragedy is already available on the internet, I thought that anyone who looks it up should know that the admiration and respect for Gerry Hickman was not limited to those on the defense side, those in his firm, or even those that knew him very well. He is going to be a missed by an entire community.

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