Personal Injury and Disability Claims Unjustly Denied by Insurance Company

For anybody that doubts the fact that we discuss on a frequent basis – that insurance companies sometimes put their profits ahead of fairness, and sometimes insurance companies cross the line by denying legitimate claims, take a look at the brilliant discussion by the exceptional Florida disability lawyer, Nancy Cavey.

Now, understand that as a personal injury and wrongful death law office, we take on the insurance industry on a daily basis. While the work of Florida disability lawyer Nancy Covey does not deal with personal injury cases directly, her work is further evidence of the wrongful denials of coverage to people who are insured.

The wrongful denial of a insurance personal injury claim can be devastating. In our practice, we have to fight wrongful denials all the time. However, an experienced and well-regarded attorney like Nancy Covey has to fight these battles in the disability area of law.

Until I read this discussion, I had no idea that multi-state insurer UNIM had entered into an agreement to review all of its denials of payment. Now, considering that these reviews would only be claims to which they had already – supposedly – reviewed the claim and made a “fair” decision based upon the facts to deny the claims, how many claims could they possibly now admit to having wrongfully denied?

In other words, if an insurance company like UNUM denies a claim, they almost always provide a basis (even if that basis is unsupported) for the rejection of the claim. If that same insurance company reviews all of those denials a second time, how often are they really going to be found to have wrongfully denied a valid disability claim?

5%? 10%? Could as many as 15% of the claims that were denied be found in the review process to have been wrongfully denied? Get this: 41% of the claims that UNUM had rejected were found to have merit and were reversed. How much money was supposed to be awarded to deserving disability claimants that had been improperly withheld? $672,000,000.00!

While it is true that we are not disability attorneys like Nancy Covey, it is evident that we confront the same type of insurance company denial of legitimate claims to our clients by the insurance companies. If you have been denied by an insurance company after a serious injury or wrongful death and you think you may have a claim in Arizona, make sure you contact our Arizona wrongful death attorneys and personal injury lawyers or – at a minimum – at least speak immediately with an experienced injury attorney.

And if anyone has questions about disability law in Florida – or even disability law in general – I would encourage you to take a look at the particularly informative website written by Nancy Covey.

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