Phoenix Auto Accident Leaves 51 Year Old Dead

The dangers to Arizona pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor scooter riders on our streets unfortunately rose up and took the life of an innocent 51-year-old man in Phoenix, Arizona. According to a story in the Arizona Republic, Jeffrey Gilliland was apparently northbound on 31st Avenue when a vehicle turned left in front of him. Gilliland collided with the vehicle and died as the result of injuries suffered in the Phoenix auto accident.

People turning left and causing auto accidents in Phoenix, Arizona and throughout the entire State of Arizona happens so often and it is preventable in almost every case. In particular, people turning left in front of others has reached near epidemic proportions and taken the lives of innocent bicyclists, motor scooter riders, and pedestrians valley wide, ranging from Peoria, Arizona to Mesa, Arizona, from Tempe, Arizona, all the way to Avondale, Arizona, and everywhere in between.

Arizona law prohibits vehicles from making left-hand turns in front of other people and causing accidents. ARS 12-772 prohibits turning left at an intersection when a vehicle that is approaching is close enough to constitute an immediate hazard. Unfortunately for Mr. Gilliland, he was killed in this Phoenix, Arizona traffic accident because somebody thought they could turn quickly enough to avoid the accident, or did not pay enough attention to see him. To make matters worse, whoever caused this accident fled the scene.

Often times, when these kinds of tragedies occur the family is left in a terrible situation financially. Now, the financial situation is usually not the biggest loss or even close to it. However, in this time of tragedy, there may be all kinds of expenses that are incurred, not to mention the terrible loss of income in many cases. While we do not know the specifics in this case, we do know that not only will the police do everything they can to try to track down this hit and run driver, but a good Arizona personal injury lawyer can help somebody who’s been hurt following a hit and run. In this case, when somebody has been killed in a hit and run accident in Phoenix, Arizona, a personal injury lawyer may still be able to obtain compensation for the family. Is this the first priority? Of course not. However, it can be a very important consideration and in certain cases there are ways to actually help this family deal with the financial blow that comes with this unspeakable loss.

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