Arizona Auto Accident Victims – And Your Legal Rights

Hit and run accidents that cause serious injuries raise so many questions that many victims do not know if they have any legal rights, and they do not know where to begin. Arizona hit and run accident victims sometimes allow their rights to be lost by failing to contact an Arizona personal injury lawyer to determine if a claim can be made even though the negligent driver in the car accident cannot be found. The reality is that there are often ways that there can be a full recovery or significant financial recovery for the serious accident victim even after a hit-and-run accident.

One of the key sources of payment of medical bills, lost wages, compensation for pain and loss of enjoyment of life comes from uninsured motorist coverage. Even for people that pay for this vital, extra layer of protection, they often do not realize it may protect them following a hit and run accident.

One excellent discussion of the issue that we found was at the site of the Christensen Law firm in Utah. We know Mr. Christensen, and he is an outstanding person and undoubtedly among the best Utah personal injury lawyers that is available to serious injury victims in the state. His discussion of uninsured motorist is enlightening to people beyond just Arizona, and worth a quick read.

For people who have suffered serious injuries due to a negligent driver that left the scene of an incident or did not have insurance, they may feel they have no rights. However, an excellent auto accident lawyer in Arizona or Utah – or anywhere else in the country- should be able to answer all of the questions that exist to allow the family or person to decide whether to make a claim, when to make a claim, and what kind of claim that should be made. Not every possible legal claim that can be brought necessarily should be brought, but it takes the right lawyer to help a family gather the proper information and make the best possible decision. It is why excellent personal injury lawyers like Mr. Christensen are so vital to people who have been injured in Utah and elsewhere – to not just know the legal answers, but to provide that vital information to a family in need.

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