Arizona Bus Accident Safety

The recent confidential settlement involving the tragic bus accident in which nearly 70 people were apparently injured or killed brings to light the important subject of bus accident safety. More specifically, it brings to bear the question as to whether or not there should be seatbelts in all buses for passenger safety. Currently, the law in most states, including Arizona, do not require seatbelts to be installed in busses. Meanwhile, there are laws requiring seatbelt usage among passengers and drivers for almost every other type of vehicle.

This tragic accident presents a great example as to why seatbelts should be considered and probably required in all buses. In this case, the driver of the bus accident which killed so many people was uninjured because he was the only person in the bus who is afforded a seatbelt. It was reported that almost everybody on the bus was ejected during this terrible crash, but the driver’s seatbelt kept him strapped into his seat safely.

The question of bus accident safety and bus accident injuries is much bigger than this particular crash. As Arizona bus accident injury lawyers, we know all to well the fact that bus accidents are going to occur. Everything can be done to decrease wrongful deaths in bus accident cases, but they will not be eliminated. However, we must do everything possible to ensure the safety of bus passengers in traffic accidents.

Since we know there will be accidents in the future, including serious bus accidents that result in serious injury, as personal injury lawyers we strongly believe it is vital to do everything possible to greatly reduce the number of injuries suffered and the severity of the injuries that are suffered in bus accidents. Therefore, we join in calling for the State of Arizona, the States throughout the country, to give strong consideration to implementing laws requiring seatbelt availability and installation in all buses from this point forward.

Bus accidents and injuries after bus accidents raise many questions. Many times, people who are injured in serious bus accidents do not know whether or not they should even speak to an Arizona personal injury attorney, let alone whether they should hire one. The truth is, the decision whether to pursue any kind of a claim varies very much depending on both the person and the situation. Serious injuries after bus accidents do not necessarily mean that a law suit should be filed. On the other hand, many bus accidents, even more so than car accidents, require immediate filing of “notice of claims” to avoid losing all of the rights available. A family that’s been affected after a serious bus accident should at least speak to an experienced lawyer to get the information they need so that they can make the best decision for themselves. In order to make the decision not to follow through with a law suit after a bus accident without at least asking the questions is not the best decision, in our view. Instead, feel free to contact us and we are happy to answer any questions so that you can make the best choice for you and your family if you know somebody or have somebody close to you who has been seriously injured after a bus accident.

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