Arizona Drunk Driving Accident Victims Continue To Mount

Add six more victims to the long and growing list of drunk driving accident victims in Arizona.

It was reported that the Chevy turned left in front of a Mercury Cougar near Southern Avenue and Signal Butte Road. It is believed that at least one of the drivers of the vehicles was driving under the influence of alcohol. We must continue to do everything possible to decrease the number of drunk driving accidents and drunk driving serious injury and wrongful death cases that emanate from people who just don’t care. And the people who get behind the wheel after they have been drinking and risk the health and safety of innocent people. Getting behind the wheel after drinking and driving is almost always a selfish act and it needs to be eliminated. With one drunk driver, it appears that at least five other innocent people who were not drinking and driving have been seriously hurt to various degrees.

It is true that there are criminal courts to handle drunk drivers. But how much to criminal courts help the victims who have suffered personal injury as a result of drunk drivers? What can an Arizona trial lawyer do to help drunk driving victims after such a crash? The reality is that it is a personal injury lawyer that can do more for victims of these kinds of cases than the criminal courts in most situations. The criminal courts will only provide limited restitution, whereas a personal injury lawyer can help the victim of a drunk driver recover monies for medical bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of abilities to do the normal life’s activities, and every other injury and compensation for all of the pain that innocent victims of drunk driving have to live with.

However, the decision to bring any lawsuit or file any claim is usually a difficult one. Knowing that there is adequate representation, and deciding whether to bring a claim is the right decision requires first speaking with an experienced personal injury trial lawyer in Arizona. We are always happy to answer any questions that people may have so that they can make the best decision for themselves and others following such an accident. However, with drunk driving accidents in Phoenix, AZ, we believe that people who drink and drive should be pursued not only in the criminal courts, but also by the personal injury victims and by personal injury lawyers in the courtroom to hold them accountable for the harm and devastation they often cause by their selfish acts.

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