Arizona Freeway Truck Accident Raises Questions

It’s been reported that two women were hurt in an Arizona truck accident when they were westbound in their 2006 Nissan Titan when they were rear ended by a car-hauler truck on I-10 near the Sonoita exit.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer helping victims in trucking accidents in Arizona, we have to say that this type of accident raises many questions. How would a car-hauler rear end another vehicle on I-10 and cause such serious injuries? Was this a case of simple negligence, or is the case of a fatigued driver that caused serious personal injury.

We have no basis upon which to make a determination from the information that has been reported. However, there are federal regulations protecting drivers in Arizona to help prevent them from suffering serious injuries in trucking accidents. Our highways throughout Arizona are filled with examples of fatigued truckers who did not follow federal regulations and therefore fell asleep at the wheel. This state of constant fatigue in an attempt to make greater profits while risking serious injury to state residents in Arizona big rig accidents is unforgivable.

We cannot say whether or not fatigue was directly involved in this case and whether punitive damages would be appropriate. However, we can say that it is vital that victims in accidents such as these where a tractor trailer runs into the rear end of somebody make sure that they immediately seek experienced personal injury consultation. Within six months after an accident one can expect the trucking companies to attempt to destroy many of the records that may be able to prove whether or not that trucker was driving over his federally limited and required hours. As a result, immediate consultation with experienced trucking lawyers in Arizona after a rear end by a tractor-trailer or big rig is vital. Eighteen-wheeler accidents can happen even with the best of drivers. Mistakes can happen in almost any situation. However, a red flag certainly goes up with accidents like these and others.

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