Arizona Light Rail Could Help Prevent Fatal Auto Accidents

As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we are thrilled to see anything that is done that will decrease the number of serious injuries and wrongful death claims and lawsuits. To be more specific, there are far too many serious injuries that are caused by car accidents. Anything that can be done to reduce the number of injuries – particularly serious injuries and wrongful death in Phoenix, AZ– should be done. In this way, we applaud the use of light rail throughout Tempe, Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona and everywhere that the newly installed light rail travels. We understand light rail was not approved by the voters primarily to increase safety for those of us who live in the Phoenix area. Having said that, this is a real potential benefit of the light rail system.

However, with new opportunity some times comes new risk. The recent Tempe light rail train accident with a truck raises a huge “red flag” in terms of the safety afforded by light rail. While we are confident that light rail can ultimately reduce the number of serious injuries from auto accidents, as experienced Arizona accident lawyers, we all foresee the potential risks of a newly installed light rail system.

To make matters worse, somebody injured in a light rail accident from a car crash only has 180 days in which to file their notice of claim or they will lose all their rights. For somebody seriously injured after a light rail train crash, this affords them very little time to get over the initial injuries, hire a lawyer, do the investigation, and get all the proper paperwork filed.

Everybody involved in a light rail train crash, or any other train accident, need not consider it an “automatic” that they should file a lawsuit. However, it should probably be close to an “automatic” after a serious injury that a lawyer be consulted. An experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer can help answer the questions that are necessary for the family to make the right decision for them after such an incident. Considering the limited time frame to file a claim or lawsuit after a car accident in Arizona, speaking to experienced lawyers that are able to answer the important questions is a vital first step in making the right determination. And, where a lawsuit is appropriate, experienced and knowledge Arizona trial lawyers may be the most important asset a family has when they are struggling after an unexpected serious accident due to the negligence of another.

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