Arizona Personal Injury Claims In Bad Economic Times

As a certified specialist attorney in injury and wrongful death by the State Bar of Arizona, I am regularly asked about car accidents, how to pursue a wrongful death claim, whether money damages are difficult to prove, and other similar questions. Some questions are as predictable as they are vital to someone who has been seriously injured regardless of where they come from in Arizona. The Mesa, Arizona resident that wants to know how long a personal injury case will take from start to finish has the same issues as the Glendale, Arizona injury victim or the Goodyear injury victim seeking a personal injury lawyer. Some questions asked by people considering hiring a personal injury lawyer in Arizona are affected by where they are located in the state, such as the make-up of the jury, the number of local judges, or even the time it will take to move a case from start to finish.

However, I doubt even the most skilled Arizona personal injury lawyer would have suspected that a common question in 2008 and 2009 to an Arizona injury and accident lawyer would be what affect the economy has on our practices. The answer probably varies from lawyer to lawyer and case to case. In personal injury, the biggest threat the economy poses to someone who suffered a serious injury is from the defendant going out of business, or the insurance company going bankrupt. If the negligent defendant that causes a serious injury has no money, that will have a direct and often financially catastrophic effect on the innocent and injury person. However, for the most part the key questions that people need to ask when hiring experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers does not change whether there is a good economy or bad economy.

However, Arizona injury victims differ from other people making legal claims in other areas of the law and in other parts of the country. In this one, small way, an Phoenix resident considering a legal claim or lawsuit is at an advantage. Take, by comparison, the significant affect the economy can have on divorce victims. According to an article written by Charles Hofheimer from Hofheimer Ferrebee in Virginia, the decision on whether to pursue a divorce claim in Virginia or hire a divorce lawyer in Virginia is greatly affected by the economy. His discussion of the subject proves the point.

I applaud the excellent work of experienced Virginia divorce lawyer Mr. Hofheimer in putting this article together. It is enlightening, as is the rest of the article on his site. For anyone suffering from a life changing event – from an Arizona car crash to a divorce in Virginia – it is this type of well-considered analysis that makes a great lawyer stand out from the crowd.

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