California Rejects Emergency Room Balance Billing

According to nationally known California injury lawyer John Bisnar, The California Supreme Court took a step that we wish Arizona would take and rejected emergency room balance billing at the expense of Arizona car accident victims.

While California injury victims look for the best accident lawyers in the state, we are certain they often come across Bisnar Chase, a firm that has more than earned its stripes and reputation throughout the state and, in large measure, throughout the entire country. However, as an Arizona personal injury lawyer that fights every day to increase the compensation received by my clients in personal injury claims in Arizona, I was impressed with this California decision. California rightfully rejected the attempts by hospital to collect two payments from injury victims – one from the health insurance company, and one from the personal injury case settlement.

Unfortunately, the laws in Arizona allow this type of double collection. If someone is badly hurt in an accident and does not make a personal injury claim, the hospital is limited to collecting from the health insurance carrier – they way it is done in every other situation. However, if someone in Arizona goes to enforce their legal rights to receive just compensation, the Arizona hospitals are allowed to make a claim against the settlement – increasing hospital profit at the expense of the seriously injured, often disabled Arizona accident victim.

This type of “lien” often comes as a shock to injured people already struggling to get by after a car accident or other serious injury. Often, they are first confronted with this lien with a letter they receive in the mail, and they do not know where to turn. For any injury victim in Arizona that receives this objectionable – but currently legal – type of lien against them, we encourage them to give us a call. We fight to reduce or eliminate these liens for our clients on a regular basis, and we are often successful in confronting these liens. However, even for those that do not know if they want to hire the best possible injury lawyer to fit them or their needs, or maybe they just want some questions answered, feel free to call us. We take pride in our commitment to providing valuable information to injury victims throughout Arizona, so that they can make the best decision for themselves.

And, finally, congratulations to John Bisnar and Bisnar Chase on reporting this fantastic victory for California’s injury victims and personal injury clients.

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