Cell Phone Chatter Contributes To Arizona Auto Accidents

We spend our lives helping people who have been seriously injured, or families who have lost a loved one due to wrongful death. Very often, these tragedies take place on our streets, our roads, and our highways. Our clients come to us seeking the best Arizona personal injury lawyer that fits their needs and has expertise in this area of the law, and we do all we can to help them out.

However, we would like to see anything and everything possible be attempted to reduce serious injury car accidents. One clear way to do this is to reduce or eliminate the number of accidents that take place while people are talking on their cell phones.

To that end, we applaud the analysis of Kentucky personal injury lawyer Schafer. Mr. Schafer takes the controversial – but absolutely correct – position that accidents caused due to cell phones cause far too much damage and wreck far too many lives to allow it to continue. Whatever legislation or action must be taken – banning cell phone use, arresting those who cause accidents when on a cell phone, or any other step – may be very frustrating to everyone who owns a cell phone and wants to talk while driving. However, as the excellent Kentucky injury lawyer Mike Schafer points out – if even one victim is spared as a result of a cell phone law, it is worth it.

Those who have been injured in a car accident often want answers to the most fundamental questions: Should I sue? Should I bring a claim for personal injury? How do I file a claim? Who should I hire as a personal injury lawyer? What are my time deadlines to pursue an injury claim in Arizona or elsewhere?

Before making the decision whether to pursue a claim, what claim to pursue, and when to start a claim, people who have been injured in car accidents in Phoenix need to know they can trust a lawyer to give them answers, not to just try to talk them into hiring that lawyer. It is for that reason that we have taken such pride over the years in providing the best possible information to people who are considering bringing a claim, and to then allow each person to decide whether a lawsuit is right for them. Not every injury requires or even calls for a lawsuit. However, the first step for an injury victim is to get the answers to the most basic and pressing questions.

If you or anybody you know was hurt in a car crash and needs answers, we welcome your call and we stand ready to help you. We will give you our honest opinions – good or bad – and you can count on straight-talk from experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyers – not a salesman trying to talk you into something not in your best interest.

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