Dangerous Roadways Contribute To Arizona Auto Accidents

As the West Valley of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area continues to grow, we see some unfortunate and oftentimes preventable accidents from Surprise, Arizona and throughout that area of the city. Automobile accidents in El Mirage and the surrounding communities may not be as frequent as automobile accidents and personal injuries in Mesa, Arizona, but the reduced frequency of serious injuries in Waddell and Youngtown do not decrease the terrible impact upon those who are injured.

For instance, it has been reported that a teenage boy suffered serious personal injury when he was struck by a vehicle at Cactus Road and the Loop 303. Surprisingly, it was reported that this intersection where the teenager was struck did not have any traffic signals, nor did it have a painted crosswalk.

Negligently and dangerously designed roadways lead to serious personal injury and wrongful death in Arizona on a regular basis. Our point here is not that this is necessarily a dangerous intersection, nor are we passing judgment on what caused this incident as we do not have many details. However, the fact that we have an intersection without any traffic control devices raises the question as to whether or not these serious injuries were preventable. And, even if there was absolutely no fault in the design or maintenance of these Arizona roads, most experienced personal injury lawyers have had to take on Arizona State and city governments as a result of serious injuries suffered by Arizona residents due to poorly-considered roadways.

The reason this is particularly dangerous in the West Valley is because of the increased growth that some cities failed to take into account during road design and construction.

However, it is very difficult for Arizona personal injury victims and even skilled wrongful death lawyers in Surprise, Arizona and Sun City, Arizona to pursue these claims in part because of the limited timeframe in which to pursue them. In order to properly pursue almost any negligent roadway design case in Arizona, an expert witness needs the time to make a full review and the personal injury attorney needs time to collect evidence regarding that particular roadway. All of this must be done and the proper paperwork submitted within 180 days after the time of the claim.

This means that time is almost “running out” from the moment that the personal injury suffered. It is unfair that Arizona residents are forced to seek personal injury lawyers immediately after they have suffered serious injuries, and even worse that families who have suffered a wrongful death in their family must seek representation so quickly. However, the limited “notice of claim” time period requires immediate action, even for those who are facing bigger daily challengers immediately following such a terrible incident.

Deciding whether to bring a claim against a City, County, the State of Arizona, or other governmental entity can be difficult. The first step – even if a lawsuit or claim is not the right choice – is usually to seek out the skilled Arizona personal injury lawyers that can help you decide whether a claim is in your best interests, how much work it will require, how much time will it take, and so forth. We are willing to help anyone we can in providing the necessary answers so that the best choice can be made in regards to any potential claim.

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