Insurance Bad Faith in Arizona

As Arizona auto accident lawyers, we spend much of our time fighting with insurance companies to simply provide the legally required compensation our seriously injured clients deserve. On a regular basis, we see the insurance companies deny fair and honest claims from deserving victims. Now, we know that insurance is a vital part of our economy. We not only understand that insurance companies are trying to make a profit – we applaud them for following the path of almost every successful business and industry in our fantastic capitalist economy.

However, what we cannot applaud is the constant abuse of the power and resources. The ongoing decision to not only deny claims that are in actual dispute, but to create disputes on things that are obvious and not open to debate.

Many seriously injured people blame someone else for the injuries they have suffered. Sometimes they are correct, while other times there is a legitimate dispute between the parties as to who was negligent, or which driver caused a serious car accident, and that is where the best personal injury lawyers in Arizona need to step up and fight for their clients.

On the other hand, to see cases where both the injured person as well as the independent witnesses all blame the insurance companies insured driver for running a red light – and still be forced to file a lawsuit because the insurance company hopes to delay or deny payment – is unacceptable and, unfortunately, common.

It is not surprise that that this type of insurance company bad faith that is so common in Arizona – this type of insurance abuse – is not limited to Phoenix, Arizona or the surrounding communities. For instance, nationally known and respected Virginia trial lawyer Ben glass has written an entire book on the abusive practices of the long-term disability insurers. If this does not sound like a big deal, imagine the horrendous situation of a permanent disability after an injury and the loss of income that the entire family needs a relies upon for food, clothing, shelter, education – you name it. Now, imagine turning to the insurance carrier that sold a long-term disability policy with a legitimate claim, only to have it denied without good cause. A financial tragedy for the injury victim. Fortunately, renowned Virginia accident lawyer Ben Glass is taking on companies like this, and further exposing the type of insurance industry abuse that takes place from Arizona to Virginia – and likely everywhere in between.

If you know someone who feels that the insurance company is denying a fair claim without just cause, we are happy to provide the answers that are needed. We take great pride in providing injury victims the information they deserve, then allowing them to make the decision as to whether a claim should be brought, what type of claim, and determining the best Arizona personal injury lawyer for their needs.

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