Man Accidentally Killed By Friend At Construction Site

A report by Brandon Ortiz dated November 29, 2008 stated that L.B. Ellis had sustained fatal construction site injuries while working with his good friend. The friend was not identified but authorities say that both the men were excavating on private property next to a Water Park. Andy Croley said the worker jumped out of his dump truck for unknown reasons and was crushed by his friend operating the excavator as he came between the two machines.

Croley stated that the excavator operator was “a dear and personal friend” to Ellis. As a result no charges will be filed against the excavator operator and the incident is declared an accident, a most tragic one at that.

All too often, serious injuries are suffered on construction sites in Arizona under similar circumstances, where well-meaning construction workers do not follow every safety principle and serious injuries or wrongful death occur. Sometimes, as in this case, it is ruled a mere accident. Many other times, there are companies or people that took shortcuts and failed to act safely at the job site, which led to a serious injury or worse.

The causes of construction accidents can vary depending on the type of job. Falling objects, live electrical wires, explosions, malfunctioning equipment, and slip and fall type injuries are common construction accident hazards on many sites. Negligent general contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, and employees can cause many of these dangers, which often prove extremely dangerous to construction workers at the job site. In fact, construction accidents often cause life-threatening conditions, require amputation or extensive reconstructive surgery, and tragically leave innocent victims with brain injuries, disfigurement, and other conditions that impact their ability to hold down a job or even pay for their own care.

Determining the legal rights after a construction injury can prove difficult. Many people think that all injured construction workers are limited to Arizona workman’s compensation, when in fact there are often legal claims that are available that provide far more help to the injured worker and the injured workers’ family in terms of full reimbursement for lost wages after an on the job construction site injury. While pursuing these claims depends upon the case and requires tough choices for many hard working construction workers in Arizona, the first step is to find out what rights are available, and what risks exist for the injured worker in pursuing those rights.

If you have lost a loved one due to a construction accident or you have someone in your family that has suffered a preventable, serious injury, please feel free to call us to get your important questions answered. Serious injury or wrongful death claims can be very complicated matters where the knowledge and experience of an attorney will be of great consequence. Breyer Law Offices, P.C. will answer all the questions that arise and, where appropriate, take a case forward on behalf of an injured Phoenix construction worker or Arizona construction worker. Feel free to contact us directly at 602-978-6400 for a free consultation or to get answers to the questions you may have after a serious personal injury on a construction site or serious personal injury to an Arizona construction worker.

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