Metro Light Rail in Phoenix Won’t Help Curb Drunk Drivers

Phoenix car accident attorneys discuss why the Metro Light in Phoenix should stay open later to prevent serious injuries in car accidents to Arizona residents

Metro Light Rail in Phoenix, Arizona is making a big mistake in our opinion in closing down early. Too many Arizona residents are killed in drunk driving accidents every year. Too many of our clients with personal injury cases resulting from drunk drivers on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, Tempe, Arizona, Mesa, Arizona, Glendale, Arizona, and many other places the Light Rail does or will run are injured because people leave bars and restaurants late at night and, the poor decision to drive themselves, badly hurt others.

In our firm, as personal injury lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona, we have spent far too many days of our lives trying to help out the families who have lost people killed in car accidents because of drunk drivers. When there is a golden opportunity to decrease the number of drunk drivers on our streets we must do it. We must do not just because it saves tax dollars in paying for people who were badly injured that did not have enough medical insurance. We must do it not just because it deceases the amount of personal tragedy and suffering that occurs when drunk drivers hurt people throughout the State of Arizona. We must do this because there is a moral imperative to take advantage of a taxpayer funded Light Rail system.

The Light Rail system is not going to remain open past 11:00 p.m. to, at the latest, 11:45 p.m. on most nights. However, based upon a recent law in Arizona, bars and restaurants are allowed to stay open until 2:00 in the morning. Why would we not do everything we could to make sure Light Rail stays open so that people who get last call at a bar can take the Light Rail to within walking distance of their home and decrease the number of miles they drive?

Drunk drivers leave Scottsdale bars every single night. Drunk drivers leave Phoenix, Arizona clubs every single night. Every mile a drunk driver drives risks serious injury, or worse, to an innocent potential victim driving along our streets.

We call upon those in charge of the Metro Light Rail in Phoenix, Arizona to take every measure possible to decrease the number of miles drunk drivers risk injury or death to innocent victims on our roads. Keep the Metro Light Rail until 3:00 in the morning. Fund the small amount of extra security that might be needed because of the people who will be riding at that time of night. If necessary increase the charges for Light Rail after 11:00 p.m. However much Light Rail is increased to, the extra few bucks is far less than the cab that is so expensive in Arizona that people are more likely to make the terrible decision they make to risk injury in Arizona drunk driving accidents.

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