Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Rising, Motorcyclists Rarely at Fault

The dangers associated with negligent drivers causing injuries to motorcyclists continues to be well documented. Serious injury motorcycle accidents are not limited to Arizona, and these problems exist throughout the country. Respected and qualified Utah motorcycle accident lawyers at the Christensen Law Firm report that fatal motorcycle accidents in Utah increased in 2008. Of those fatalities, the reality is that many were caused not by improper actions by the motorcycle rider, but by the inattention of surrounding vehicles.

After a serious Utah motorcycle accident, residents are forced to seek the best Utah personal injury lawyer possible, just as Arizona residents victimized by the negligence of other driver’s must search for excellent local representation. We take great pride in our representation of families that have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident. We know Mr. Christensen, and we also have great confidence in his fantastic abilities to help Utah motorcycle accident victims.

It is not enough for a family or seriously injured rider to speak with a lawyer that is “good enough” to handle the legal case. A great motorcycle accident lawyer must be willing to communicate with the client, answer all of the tough questions, tell the client the bad news in addition to the good news, and make sure that a potential client has all of the answers they need to make the best choices. The loss of a loved one or of a primary income after a motorcycle accident is devastating beyond just the overwhelming emotional toll. It is why we have taken such pride our client communication over the years, and why we are so comfortable recommending the Christensen Law Firm to Utah residents searching out the best possible representation after a serious injury.

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