Peoria, AZ Automobile Accident Claims Life of Bicyclist

Another bicyclist was tragically killed in an auto accident in Peoria, Arizona. On 88th Avenue and Beardsley Road a truck was driving outside and to the right side of the curb lane and struck and killed the bicyclist. The truck driver who caused this wrongful death in this Arizona bicycle accident did so and immediately left the scene, but later told his wife who called the police, according to a news report.

Something must be done to prevent Phoenix accidents and Arizona bicycle deaths. There are far too many people who are not paying attention on our roads. Moreover, the fact that there was a hit-and-run bicycle accident that killed somebody raises even more questions as to what evidence was lost – and what advantage was gained – by the truck driver who caused the bicycle accident in leaving the scene.

As a personal injury lawyer in Arizona helping people after bicycle accidents, we have seen far too many times when bicycle accidents are caused through the negligence of drivers who are not paying attention. Also, we have the terrible effects of serious injuries after bicycle accidents to our clients.

Our thoughts and our hearts go out to the 65 year-old who was on his bicycle in Peoria, Arizona when he was fatally struck by this pick up truck who, for whatever reason, left his lane and struck and killed the bicycle driver, resulting in an apparent wrongful death in a bicycle accident in Arizona. It will take, in all likelihood, a full police investigation as well as a proper investigation by an experienced personal injury lawyer in Arizona bicycle accidents, along with the right reconstruction experts to help determine everything that occurred in this case and to further determine what rights are available to the surviving family of this tragically killed bicyclist in Peoria, Arizona.

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