Phoenix Bus Crash Sends 26 To Hospital

A recent Phoenix, Arizona school bus accident made national news when the bus driver lost control and caused personal injuries after being involved in the bus crash. According to a story in the Arizona republic, Alfonso Saavedra, 46, said he lost consciousness after the first of 13 collisions on 67th Avenue as he carried a busload of Western Valley Middle School students home from school.

Serious injury Phoenix bus accidents lawyers know how important it is that the victims of this bus collision know their rights and limitations. As experienced Phoenix, Arizona personal injury lawyers, we know that there will be far to many people involved in this bus accident that will miss the very short deadline to make a claim.

When involved in a bus accident in Arizona, there is usually a 180 day deadline to file a Notice of Claim. The failure in this case to file a proper notice of claim, served on the correct defendant, in the very short time limit of less than six months, will result in people losing their rights to pursue a claim.

26 people were sent to the hospital when the school bus carrying 45 Phoenix students went careening out of control. Most would assume that this means that everybody in this crash will necessarily have a right to recover personal injury compensation after the bus accident for medical bills, wage loss, and all other out of pocket expenses. The unfortunate reality is that the school bus driver who may have caused the crash was an employee of an Arizona school district. The bus driver, who reportedly became unconscious, worked for a school district. That means that they are protected by an unfair – but currently valid – law that requires all injury victims to file a Notice of Claim. The normal statute of limitations after an Arizona bus accident is two years. That means that personal injury claims after a car accident can be filedin court up to two years after the car wreck, allowing the victim time to recover from the injuries before hiring the best Arizona personal injury lawyer they can find. However, with just a 180 day window in which to file a much more detailed “notice of claim” it is a near certainty that there will be many people injured in this bus accident that – by the time they go searching for an experienced lawyer or certified specialist in Arizona injury and wrongful death law – will have missed the time window to file.

To further complicate this case, the cause of the bus driver’s reported incapacitation – if true – may be sued the school bus driver’s district to try to avoid paying the claim. Also, the statute of limitations and time periods for the kids on the school bus are different than for the adults that were not in the car.

Most importantly, we hope that everyone involved in this collision will be OK. If the reports are correct, all of the children on the bus avoided physical injury, and for that we should all be thankful. Nothing is more important than health. However, the importance of getting reimbursed for mounting medical bills after the bus accident, money for money lost from work after the bus crash, and compensation allowed for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life will become necessary for many of these victims. These victims need to immediately speak to an experienced Phoenix, Arizona personal injury lawyer to protect their rights. At Breyer Law Offices, we take great pride in the ability to protect our clients and help them and their families get back on their feet after a serious injury. We always tell our clients the strengths and weaknesses of any case, and provide all clients the information they need to ensure that they will receive the compensation they are entitled to under Arizona injury law. If you or anyone you know was involved in this or any other Arizona bus accident, please contact us to receive the information that will help you avoid losing the right to compensation that may exist after this terrible incident.

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