Repeat Drunk Drivers Responsible For 60% Alcohol Related Fatalities

Did you know that repeat drunk drivers are responsible for 60% of alcohol-related fatalities? Well, neither did I, until I came across that interesting fact and about 1,000 others provided by Chris Davis, the outstanding Seattle personal injury trial lawyer. I have met Mr. Davis on a number of occasions, and he never fails to impress. It is evident from in-person meetings and from his blog and website that he takes his clients seriously. More importantly to me, and to Seattle car accident victims searching for the best Washington State serious injury accident lawyer, he has tremendous ability to get the job done, gather facts and resources beyond what most could even contemplate, and go on the offensive.

As a Phoenix, Arizona personal injury lawyer, I continue to be overwhelmed by the ongoing tragedies that occur every day as a result of drunk drivers. Now, through Seattle Accident Lawyer Chris Davis, I come to find out that over half of all the wrongful death cases due to drunk drivers are the result of repeat offenders? This is unacceptable. It is time that we, as a community and as a nation, start taking drunk driving seriously. It is time we consider a zero-tolerance policy. One DUI – no more license. Why such an extreme reaction – because we have an extreme problem. The one night in jail and up to one year of no license is not working well enough. If we can save a single car accident victim from having to suffer through years of pain by enacting such a law, it is time to get it done.

Victims of drunk driving collisions suffer for many years, and some will live in pain or live with permanent disabilities for a lifetime. Other times, families are forced to hire personal injury lawyers after drunk drivers cause accidents because they need to find a way to make ends meet financially. And, of course, even the best personal injury lawyer can only help with some of the tragedy, as the emotional pain cannot be erased with even the best possible settlement after a drunk driving accident.

To those that have suffered personal injuries after a drunk driver caused a car accident, we are always here to answer questions. Not every drunk driving victim should file a lawsuit, but it is almost always best to at least talk to a lawyer with actual experience in fighting for clients in a courtroom. It is not enough for a victim to speak to some salesman trying to convince them to bring a personal injury lawsuit if that is not what is best for that family. It is far more important to make ourselves available as experienced injury lawyers to anyone who has been victimized by a drunk driver, to consider the option of pursuing compensation as a result.

We applaud the efforts of prominent injury lawyers like Seattle’s Chris Davis – as well as the other auto accident lawyers throughout the country – that care enough to not just provide a sales pitch, but to provide valuable information to their own clients, as well as potential clients who need questions answered.

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