Arizona Bicycle Accidents On The Rise

A recent news report demonstrated the dangers of bicyclists on Arizona streets once again when a teenager in Glendale, Arizona suffered a personal injury while riding his bike. While we do not know who was at fault in this particular Arizona bike accident, it is far too often for us to be forced to come to the aid of people who are seriously injured while riding their bikes in the streets of Arizona.

To make matters even more complicated, personal injury claims related to bicycle accidents have the additional challenge of facing an ultimate trier of fact – a jury – who is usually filled not with bicyclists but with motor vehicle drivers who find bicycle riders on the roadway an annoyance.

In fact, those lawfully riding their bicycles on our roadways have every bit as much right to that road as the driver of vehicles. However, all too often we see serious car accidents and serious injuries throughout Phoenix, Arizona as a result of negligent drivers who are not even paying attention to the bicycles around them. To make matters worse, no matter who is at fault it is almost always the bicycle rider who suffers serious personal injury and needs to seek help from an experienced Phoenix, AZ personal injury lawyer, while even the at-fault driver in the car accident is almost always unharmed in these scenarios.

Whether the driver in this accident is at fault we cannot say, but it is clear that this is one more reminder of the dangers of riding bikes on the streets of Glendale, Arizona and throughout the State of Arizona.

Oftentimes, people injured in bicycle accidents have more questions than they have answers. Many times, and for many people, a personal injury lawsuit is not the right answer. However, it is difficult to make the right choice without first gathering the information. For anyone involved in a serious bicycle accident, it is usually advisable to speak with experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers, particularly Arizona lawyers experienced with bicycle accidents, to help collect the information they need to make the best decision for them and for their family.

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