Tuscon Bicycle Accident Critically Injures Man

It has been reported in many places about the terrible accident involving bicyclist Gary Stuebe from Surprise, Arizona. This bicycle accident in Tucson during the El Tour de Tucson occurred when 91-year-old William Arthur Wilson ran into the bicyclist with his car. Injuries from bicycle accidents in Tucson, Phoenix, and throughout Arizona need to be decreased drastically. Too many bicyclists are suffering personal injury because of negligent drivers. What can be done to decrease the amount of dangerous driving and negligent drivers that cause personal injury in Arizona?

It has become clear that because of the importance of driving, our government is unwilling, or unable, to take away driver’s licenses from people who have no business on our roadways. Driving throughout the streets in the valley, throughout Phoenix, from Scottsdale, Arizona all the way to Litchfield Park, Arizona and everywhere in between is a continual reminder that there are drivers who are not paying attention, and yet there are no repercussions. Driver’s licenses do not get taken away from negligent drivers.

Arizona personal injury lawsuits against negligent drivers can help save lives. Obviously, the injuries suffered by Mr. Stuebe from Surprise, Arizona in a bicycle accident cannot be erased. We certainly hope, above all else, that he heals completely from these terrible injuries. However, the fact that a 91-year-old ran into a group of people and then drove away raises questions about whether he had any right to be on the roadway. And, if through his own selfishness, he was willing to drive even though he was not aware of his surroundings the question that is posed is what could be done decrease the number of negligent drivers on the roadway. Personal injury lawsuits can help accomplish exactly this goal. The more times people file lawsuits against negligent drivers, the more likely they are to not take to the roadways. Yes, it is our criminal justice system that can do a great deal to put away drunk drivers and prevent drunk driving accidents. But how to prevent people who just don’t care enough to stop driving when they are unable to drive is another matter entirely. If driver’s license tests are not going to become more rigorous, the fact that people could lose their savings and assets if they are not able to show that they are competent to drive may prevent terrible tragedies, bicycle accidents, and car accidents throughout Arizona.

While we do not know whether Mr. Wilson was simply negligent or was unable to drive, the fact that he just drove away from a huge pack of people involved in a serious Arizona bicycle accident certainly raises questions about his competence. If this story simply goes away and nothing happens to Mr. Wilson other than criminal charges, perhaps that will not do as much to deter others in his situation as criminal charges combined with personal injury lawsuits.

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