Arizona Bus Accident Victims’ Bodies To Be Sent Back Home

From a pure grief standpoint, it must continue to get no easier for the families of the Chinese tourists killed in the Arizona bus crash near the Hoover Dam. It has now been reported that the bodies of the six Chinese tourists involved in the bus accident are being sent back to China at this time. Those wrongfully killed reportedly include Meng Qui Sun, 19; Yu Ching Chung, 15; Guo Ying Zhu, 45; Yong Shun Zhu, 39; Zhen Quan Sheng, 56; Xia Zhen Ge, 44; and Wen Ting Chen, 45.

In the same report however, legal concerns are certainly raised for the families of those people who would like to see justice done and would like to make sure that those who relied upon the income of those tourists is not lost forever. It has been reported that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will not be issuing a finding of the cause of the bus accident until 2010.

That means, for even a citizen of the United States that has some familiarity with the personal injury system and personal injury attorneys who can bring claims on behalf of these families, this kind of delay may not raise a red flag and they may lose all of their rights. However, for families from China that know nothing of American personal injury laws and the legal claims they have after such a horrific tragedy that was apparently completely preventable, this kind of delay could ultimately cause them to miss out on important deadlines that could forever bar them from bringing claims that they have the right to bring.

For anyone who has been involved in an Arizona bus crash and who suffered serious injury or has lost a loved one, we strongly encourage them to immediately contact our office or any other experienced Arizona bus accident attorney to help them after the incident. This does not mean that every horrific tragedy will necessarily lead to a lawsuit. Sometimes where a lawsuit appears to exist, there is actually no good basis. In many other cases, the fact that people have the right to bring a lawsuit does not lead them to do so. However, when this type of tragedy strikes we think everybody who has a claim should at least sit down or speak with in some way (even if by email) an experienced Arizona lawyer for what will ultimately probably be a case that must be filed by an Arizona lawyer in Arizona courts. Although there are other jurisdictions that are possible, this is the most likely place it must be filed.

Because we believe so strongly in the necessity of people getting the information they need, we have had many clients who require translators in order to speak with us. We encourage anybody—whether Spanish-speaking, German-speaking, Chinese-speaking, or any other language to contact us and we will make all necessary arrangements to make sure that a competent translator is available to answer all of the questions that are necessary. Of course, when it comes to English and Spanish we—like many skilled Arizona bus accident lawyers—are able to easily accommodate. However, we have had many clients who speak neither English nor Spanish and it never prevents us from providing the information necessary so that people who have suffered a tragedy can make the best decision on how to pursue their legal rights—or if to pursue their legal rights—for themselves and for their families.

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