Arizona Bus Crash Near Hoover Dam Kills And Injures Tourists

Reports from the National Transportation Safety Board regarding the bus crash near the Hoover Dam that took the lives of innocent Chinese tourists suggests that the driver of the bus was at fault. According to initial briefing, there is an indication that something about the door distracted the driver and that there may have also been a “sun glare” that blinded the driver before he lost control of the bus.

However, initial investigation did not find anything wrong with the driver-side door or any other mechanical problems on the bus.

Our hearts go out to the families of those who have lost their loved ones. Nothing can replace this loss. There is no lawsuit, no money, no lawyer that can in any way alleviate the incredible grief that these families are undoubtedly suffering. To have tourists from China on a bus near the Hoover Dam enjoying a likely once-in-a-lifetime trip to suffer this tragedy is overwhelming.

However, while people who live in the United States are familiar with what a good and experienced Arizona bus accident attorney may be able to do to provide compensation to help the family recover from the lost wages and all other losses, it is likely that the families from China are not aware of what may be done.

And although this is probably not a case that involves “punitive damages” – although we think that very much should require some serious investigation to make sure that nothing else was going on – we strongly believe that some lawsuits greatly increase the amount of safety for people in the future. For instance, the reality is that almost every corporation is trying to make a profit. If this bus company is never faced with a lawsuit, what is the likelihood that they will take additional safety precautions to prevent this from happening. And that does not just go for this particular bus driver or this particular bus company. It also goes for all of the other bus companies operated throughout this country.

The reality is that personal injury lawsuits save lives in the future. The reality is that DW Tour and Charter of San Gabriel, California would have been less likely to allow anything to go wrong if there had been previous lawsuits, assuming that whatever went wrong was preventable. Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes the threat of a company losing its profits for it to take all reasonable steps to protect human life and avoid serious injury to innocent people.

If you or anybody you know has questions about this Arizona bus accident or any other serious bus accident, please feel free to give us a call. Like almost any other case in the United States, an attorney from the state where the incident happened (or perhaps the state where the defendant is located) is necessary to prosecute the case and make sure that those who are guilty are held responsible in a court of law for all the damages they have caused to innocent family members.

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