Arizona Car Accident Tragedy Kills Three Children

Car accident lawyers in Arizona are faced with helping families after what is often the worst tragedy they could ever imagine. Sometimes, the loss is so great, even an experienced injury attorney is overwhelmed by the loss suffered by one family.

A terrible tragedy struck a Las Vegas family near Wikieup, Arizona on US-93, when three loved family members – all children – were killed in an automobile accident. According to reports, an SUV was involved in an accident with another car. The SUV was driven by Leticia Ovando-Deterraza. The tragedy included the loss of the driver’s 16-year-old son Miguel Rodriguez, her son Josue Rodriguez, and her 16-year-old daughter-in-law Leslie Rodriguez. Also quoted in the story was the father of the boys, Roman Rodriguez.

As an Arizona wrongful death lawyer, I cannot tell you how sad it is to see stories like this. I also understand why people often ask the question as to how money compensation can do anything for a family that has lost something so beloved that money can never take its place. And yet, a family has lost a loved one perhaps due to the negligence of another. In fact, the passengers in motor vehicle accidents are almost never at fault, the fault almost always rests with one driver of one vehicle or a combination of drivers in two different vehicles. There is no amount of money in the world that can do anything to address this loss. As Arizona personal injury law lawyers we know full well that money cannot take away this pain or eliminate this tragedy. And yet, the family that is left to go on will have expenses and bills and a hole left in their family beyond measure. And that at fault driver that has insurance should at least be required to pay the insurance policy limits.

Of course, if there is a serious automobile accident in Arizona, skilled personal injury lawyers will often hire experts such as accident reconstruction experts to determine who was at fault. Can that do anything to address this loss? Of course, not. But perhaps to a family hoping to feel some tiny measure of justice or to receive something that at least decreases the financial burden from this overwhelming loss, something might be able to come from such a claim.

Our hearts truly, truly go out to this family. We all see so many tragedies on our Arizona roads so regularly, that it is easy to forget the tremendous loss caused by car accidents on our roads. We hope for nothing but the best for this family and for all others touched by similar tragedies.

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