Arizona Drunk Driving Accidents On The Rise

Serious injuries and death on Arizona roadways as a result of drunk drivers is on the rise yet again. According to published reports, in 2006 there were 502 alcohol-related fatalities on Arizona roads. This is apparently climbing in number, reaching back to the terrible days of 1986 where 582 people were killed in alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents.

As experienced personal injury lawyers helping people after drunk driving accidents, we have seen far too many occasions where we have had to help out the family who lost a loved one because somebody was so selfish that they chose to get behind the wheel of a car after they had been drinking. Some may question whether or not even the best Arizona personal injury lawyers can help a family who has lost somebody after a drunk driving accident. Most people assume that the help provided to drunk driving accident victims is only provided through the criminal courts in the prosecution of the drunk driver. In fact, we have helped many clients receive full and fair compensation for the financial toll that these types of injuries take upon the entire family. When a wage earner is lost, there is no greater pain than the emotional loss and we have seen this repeatedly. However, there are financial realties for the family left behind. Even when somebody is able to survive and only suffers a serious personal injury, the inability to continue to work or to help out around the house causes serious financial tolls on everybody involved. The whole family is affected by this kind of drinking and driving that we have seen continue to climb in Arizona.

As Arizona personal injury lawyers helping the victims of drunk driving, we know all too well the many questions that are facing the family considering a bringing a claim. How long will the claim take? How long does a personal injury case take after a serious injury? What has to be done to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver? Can a drunk driver be forced to pay for lost wages or for pain incurred as a result of their negligence? The answers to these questions and many more are so vital to a family deciding whether or not to bring a claim.

We take great pride in the fact that for years we have not just been able to be very successful for our clients in obtaining compensation, but also in the fact that we have answered their questions and provided a level of communication that has led so many of our clients for so many years to encourage people to call us with any questions they have. If you or anyone you know has been involved in a serious injury, or you know the family suffering through the wrongful death that was caused by another’s negligence, we are happy to answer the questions that exist. It is not just about whether or not a legal claim exists, but whether that legal claim is in the best interest of the family involved, and which legal claim and in which manner a claim that is brought should be done for the benefit of the family that is already suffering.

In the meantime, we could only hope that enforcement by both experienced personal injury trial lawyers as well as prosecutors throughout the state will continue or will start to once again decrease the number of fatalities on our Arizona roadways.

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