Arizona Radar Cameras Help Prevent Auto Accidents

Just save lives.

Let me state this again so it is clear: just save lives. Car accidents devastate families, yet a report says there is uproar over the use of photo radar cameras on the freeways throughout Arizona. What really matters is that Arizona roadways are safe. This is more important than almost anything else. While there are some valid concerns in regards to the camera – such as why video is being taken and kept by any source – these are simply matters that can be corrected without eliminating the photo radar cameras themselves.

As the lawyers who literally wrote the book that is the Master Guide on Arizona Injury Claims, it may surprise some that we are so adamant in the defense of photo radar cameras. However, in fact it makes perfect sense. We see far too many wrongful death cases in Phoenix. We have seen people throughout the State of Arizona whose lives have been devastated because the speed of other vehicles. The initial studies of the photo radars seemed to indicate a significant drop in people seriously injured and killed in Arizona. This is called victory. We have seen far too many people seriously injured in Tucson car accidents. Every single serious personal injury that we can reduce or eliminate in Arizona is a good thing.

We completely support the idea of almost any measure that can have a drastic reduction – or any real reduction – in the amount of pain and suffering and loss that takes place because of Arizona car accidents. Far too many of these car accidents that ruin lives happen because of excessive speed on our freeways. While we would support some changes to the method with which the photo radar is being implemented, we cannot support any effort to eliminate these cameras.

Even assuming that the government did not employ these cameras for the safety of its citizens, and even assuming the government only employed these cameras to try to raise money, if the offshoot is fewer personal injury victims then it is a victory for all of us. That means a significant drop in the people who will have to retain skilled personal injury lawyers in Arizona to pursue their claim.

Just save lives.

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