Arizona School Bus Accident Raises Questions

After any serious bus accident, a skilled personal injury lawyer can be very important to the people involved. However, when a school bus causes serious personal injury to the residents of the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, even greater concerns are raised than in any other bus collision.

The recent article about the crash involving the school bus from the Fowler Elementary School District carrying children from Western Valley Middle School brings this point home. At least 26 people have been reported to have been seriously injured as a result of the Arizona school bus accident. Unfortunately, it is likely that many of those people will never receive any compensation for the medical bills that they need paid to avoid bankruptcy, for the lost wages they incur while they try to heal, or for any other legally compensable claim that they are entitled to. That is because there is a 180 day notice of claim deadline. Many people are familiar with the statue of limitations in Arizona. The statute of limitations requires that lawsuits be filed within a certain, specified period of time or all of the rights of a personal injury plaintiff are lost. However, the notice of claim against a school district takes it to a much higher level. In less than six months from the date of a school bus accident, the victim needs to file a proper notice of claim with the school district. It needs to be served on the proper people. It needs to contain the proper content. Fortunately, the reports indicate that the students on board were not harmed. This, obviously, is more important than anything else. Having said that, for those who were on the road who have suffered serious injury, the importance of finding the best possible Arizona personal injury lawyers they can is vital.

Of course, deciding whether or not to bring a claim is a difficult choice that each family must make after they are injured in any kind of automobile accident. However, we strongly believe that the first step is to collect the information and get answers to their questions that exist so that a family involved in any kind of collision, this bus accident or any other, has the information they need to make the proper choice for themselves. If you, or anyone you know, was involved in this serious bus collision or you know somebody who was, we strongly encourage you to simply give us a call. This does not mean that you need to bring a lawsuit. You may not even have a legal claim. Without further investigation there is nobody that can assure you as to what claim exists. However, knowing that there are experienced Phoenix bus accident lawyers who know Arizona law who can help you answer the questions and allow you to make the best choice is what is most important.

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