Arizona State Bar Helps Differentiate Lawyers

With so many lawyers in the State of Arizona, how does somebody searching for a car accident lawyer in Arizona or looking for any Arizona personal injury attorney find an experienced lawyer that they can trust? What differentiates all of the lawyers with all of the advertisements and all of the marketing messages from one another?

The State Bar of Arizona is a group that licenses lawyers. You cannot be a lawyer in the State of Arizona unless you have first been admitted to the State Bar. In an effort, presumably, to help consumers make the choice easier, the State Bar of Arizona set out to be in a program that would certify specialists in personal injury and wrongful death litigation in the State of Arizona. The same State Bar of Arizona that licenses lawyers is the one that offered up this distinction for those lawyers that could prove they had the experience and the knowledge to meet this higher requirement.

Less than 2 percent of all lawyers in the State of Arizona are certified specialists of personal injury and wrongful death. We are proud of owning that distinction and we are even more proud of the many personal injury claims we have processed for our clients over the years. The fact that somebody is not a certified specialist in personal injury and wrongful death litigation does not mean that they are not a skilled Arizona personal injury lawyer. In fact, the fact that somebody is a certified specialist does not guarantee that they will be the right fit for any particular client. However, having earned this distinction we are proud of the fact that when clients come to us they know that we have a certain level of experience and training and success when we provide the answers to their questions.

There are so many personal injury lawyers in Arizona that it is understandably difficult for victims of negligence in the State of Arizona to choose the right lawyer. However, we believe that it is not simply about choosing a great State of Arizona personal injury lawyer, but it is also about finding one that will be honest and straightforward and will share with you both the strengths and potential weaknesses in your claim. It is, in the end, finding not just a certified specialist or an experienced lawyer that matters, but finding the right lawyer for you. If you have any questions and you simply would like to get them answered feel free to give us a call. We cannot promise you that you have a claim. We cannot promise you that you will be successful before we have the opportunity to discuss the case with you. What we can assure you is honest, straightforward and knowledgeable advice about any personal injury claim in the State of Arizona that you may have.

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