Arizona Tractor Trailer Accidents Could Be On The Rise

Serious Arizona wrongful death and personal injury claims after tractor trailer accidents may increase in the near future.

While we absolutely hope that is not the case, recent reports of truckers being forced to take loads throughout the country that are not profitable greatly increase the likelihood that drivers will violate federal regulations and drive while fatigued. Fatigued truckers are a major cause of Arizona personal injury claims against trucking companies. Federal regulations prohibit truckers from driving in excess of the mandated hours. When truckers choose to violate those regulations, innocent people are hurt on Arizona roadways and are forced to consult with Arizona personal injury trucking lawyers to find out whether or not they have a claim. That claim often revolves not just around the serious personal injury or wrongful death caused by the trucker, but often around the trucker’s decision to selfishly drive while fatigued to make more money for himself and his trucking company. Moreover, we often see trucking companies in Arizona allowing their workers to drive in excess of the number of hours so that they can make a greater profit, at the expense of the innocent victim who is involved in a crash with truckers who are falling asleep at the wheel.

However, trucking cases are very complicated. Deciding whether or not to bring a claim requires not just any Arizona lawyer, but requires consultation with the best Arizona trucking lawyer available. It requires consultation with lawyers who have experience in bringing claims against trucking companies when they allow their drivers to violate these federal hours. And more importantly, there are so many questions that need to be answered after a severe injury in a trucking accident that it is not enough to simply find a lawyer who is capable of filing a lawsuit. It is necessary to find a person injury lawyer capable of doing an excellent job in the lawsuit and an even better job of answering the questions the family needs answered to decide when to bring the claim, whom to bring the claim against, and what the claim will entail in terms of the emotional toll and financial toll upon the family that has already been victimized.

We welcome the questions that the victims of trucking accidents, or their families, have prior to filing a lawsuit throughout the process. We take great pride not just in helping people throughout the process of being successful in their lawsuits after a trucking accident and injury, but in making sure our clients understand the process, understand their rights, and are fully informed throughout the entire process from start to finish. We believe it is this communication that we provide to our clients, whether after a trucking accident, automobile accident, motorcycle accident, or any serious injury or wrongful death claim – that has led so many of our clients for so many years to encourage others to call us whenever they have questions.

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