Camelback 2 Year Old Found In Swimming Pool

Arizona personal injury attorneys help people who face far more complicated matters than just automobile accidents. For instance, people can be negligent in any number of ways. Each of us has the responsibility to do everything we can to avoid being reckless and to avoid causing severe injury to other people. In particular, we are all required to do everything possible to protect children.

One of the many all too common tragedies that we see throughout Arizona is the seemingly endless reports of children who drown or nearly drown in backyard swimming pools. Now, we would never take the position that every such situation should lead to a criminal prosecution. We would not take the position that there is always someone to blame every time something goes wrong. We know better. However, we also know sometimes a babysitter is not paying attention. Sometimes a neighbor is not paying attention. Sometimes a gate has been broken and not repaired, or a gate that was never broken failed to function. In other words, sometimes either the maker of the gate that’s supposed to protect the child or the people who are supposed to be watching the child were negligent, allowing the child to get out.

And so when we see reports as we did recently of a 2 year old who was found in a backyard swimming pool in the 3900 block of West Orange Drive near 35th Avenue in Camelback, our heart just goes out to the family.

Fortunately, at least according initial reports, there may have been early signs that this 2 year old will be okay. That is far more important than anything else. And if that 2 year old is able to get completely better, there were still be huge amounts of medical bills that ought to be paid.

Since the incident apparently took place at a neighbor’s house, if there was any negligence on the part of that neighbor, there may well be homeowner’s insurance that could help pay for the child’s medical bills. This way, the child’s family, who is already doing so much undoubtedly for the child they love, will not be forced into bankruptcy because of the Arizona child’s injury. Also, the child will not be in a situation of not being able to afford the best possible medical care available.

First and foremost, we would hope that the particular 2 year old, and every child who gets anywhere near water, gets completely better and that tragedies can be avoided. Second, once the worst tragedies are avoided or in any such situation, a skilled Arizona child injury attorney may be able to help the family avoid financial ruin through the homeowner’s insurance of the at fault party.

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