Drunk Driving Accident Claims Lives of Two Boys

Drunk drivers must be prosecuted. Drunk drivers should be sued by the victims for the injuries they caused in a civil court by personal injury lawyers. We must come together and end the killing on our highways and the destruction and serious injury caused by DUI accidents in Arizona and across the country.

We are outraged and extremely saddened by the case of the Smith family. According to this report, Traci Smith and her husband Frank Smith were driving with their two boys when they were violently struck at a four-way stop sign by two teenagers who were speeding and drinking when the accident happened. The two boys tragically lost their lives. Mrs. Smith is apparently in critical condition. There are no words to express our sadness for this family. There is absolutely no excuse for this crime that was committed by these teenagers.

At some point we must draw the line. At some point we must say that Arizona drinking and driving accidents are not just tragic when these accidents happen. We must do everything possible to stop drinking and driving before these types of tragedies can occur.

As serious injury and wrongful death lawyers, we often help Mesa, Arizona families after personal injury. However, our call to action, so to speak, to sue drunk drivers in civil court is more valuable in other cases than it is here. This tragedy is so far beyond words for this poor family, that we recognize that suing these children or their families for all the money that they may ever have can never come close to undoing this harm. However, the approach of punishing drunk drivers in personal injury cases in addition to criminal courts is a proposition we stand strongly behind. As a law firm, we have never defended drunk drivers. We have never taken the drunk driving criminal defense cases. We will not do so. We will stand behind the victims of drunk drivers and do what we can.

While nothing can be done in this tragedy, following any drunk driving accident, there are almost always innocent victims. Those innocent victims deserve serious consideration speaking from experienced counsel not only so they can get compensated for their injuries, but so that they can punish the drunk drivers so that more people are discouraged from ever getting behind the wheel and drinking and driving again. Not only must these people face possible criminal time or time in Tent City, or any other criminal punishment, these people who drink and drive and cause injury must know that their money and their assets are at stake. That serious experienced Arizona DUI accident victim lawyers will take up the cause for families who have suffered loss as a result of drinking and driving.

Truly, our heart-felt condolences go out to the Smith family, though we know that our words can do nothing after such a terrible and tragic loss.

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