Hoover Dam Bus Accident Leaves 7 Dead

A terrible tragedy struck recently when a tour bus accident caused the death of at least seven passengers and serious injuries from the bus accident to many more. According to reports, the tour bus crash occurred near the Hoover Dam on a stretch of road from Phoenix, Arizona to Las Vegas New Mexico. We cannot imagine how horrific this news must be to the loved ones in China, whose family members took a trip to the United States and ended up involved in such a terrible bus collision.

We know that the last thing these families will be thinking about at this time is compensation, lawyers, or lawsuits. However, when the shock of this terrible event wears off, there will be overwhelming amounts of bills to be paid, lost wages that families depended upon to be reimbursed, and other legally compensable claims available to these families. This raises a legal question that can best be answered by a personal injury and wrongful death attorney in Arizona; Whether a Chinese National visiting the United States has a right to bring a personal injury claim. The answer is that our laws do allow visitors and immigrants to bring personal injury lawsuits. In fact, even undocumented and illegal immigrants are allowed to bring personal injury lawsuits and claims when they have been injured by the negligence of another.

The reason that visitors and immigrants are allowed to bring personal injury lawsuits is because of the importance the law places on holding negligent people and companies responsible for their actions.

If you or anybody you know has questions and is in search of a qualified specialist in persona injury and wrongful death law in Arizona to help families affected by this Arizona bus accident we encourage you to give us a call. Even if you do not think a lawsuit is in your best interest or you are unsure if you want to actually pursue a claim but you have questions, we are happy to provide all of the answers that we can. The decision to file a lawsuit or not to file a lawsuit varies from person to person, but gathering information to make the best decision is always important. For families that have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one in a wrongful death bus crash, having help from a bus accident lawyer with all of the issues surrounding the event – in addition to the pure legal issues – can be a vital and sometimes necessary step.

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