Phoenix Man Driving A Dune Buggy Killed In Truck Accident

Car accident lawyers in Arizona are used to helping the injured. Very often, our clients are attacked unfairly for asking for a reckless person and their insurance company to simply compensate for medical bills and wages lost from an accident that the insurance is supposed to cover. Arizona serious injury lawyers are used to a public perception that does not match the reality of a sometimes abusive insurance company refusing to pay a real and honest injury claim.

However, sometimes members of the public simply go too far in attacking the innocent victims of a car crash. So it is with the report of a tragic car accident that took the life of a man driving a dune buggy who was hit and killed by a truck. Our hearts go out to the dune buggy rider and his family. At the same time, something must be done to educate people about Arizona injury cases.

According to the published reports, the collision occurred at the intersection of 67th avenue and Sack, near Union Hills. More importantly, the reports indicated that the dune buggy was street legal. To our great disappointment, but not surprise, there were comments after the article actually criticizing the innocent victim for being in a dune buggy.

The operative words here are “innocent” and “street legal.” At least based upon the report, it does not appear this man who was tragically killed in the accident did anything wrong. He was driving a vehicle that was allowed to be on the street. The negligence of another driver cost this man his life. Yet people were quick to attack the innocent victim because he chose to ride in a dune buggy and that is not a decision they would make for themselves.This is the same twisted logic that leads motorcycle accident victims and bicycle accident victims to be blamed for accidents, injuries, and deaths they did not cause.

We can only hope that with education and time, people will come to understand that not everyone makes the same decisions they would make, but we should respect the choices of people to ride in ways we would not – motorcycles, bikes, and even a dune buggy – while still placing blame on the person who was negligent when a car accident in Arizona occurs that could have been prevented.

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