Phoenix Three Car Collision Hospitalizes Seven People

According to a report, seven people were hospitalized after an accident immediately following the Super Bowl when a collision occurred involving three cars on 16th Street near the I17 Freeway in Phoenix, Arizona. Considering the fact that Arizona had just lost the Super Bowl and that this accident took place immediately following that on the Phoenix streets, it certainly raises the possibility of drinking and driving. However, at this time we do not have any such information and we hope that drinking was not a factor in this accident. Moreover, we hope everybody ends up okay.

The questions of what to do when there are three different cars involved in an accident is one that is often asked of us. As experienced personal injury trial lawyers who help people after automobile accidents in Phoenix, Arizona, we have to often explain the comparative fault system of justice in Arizona. For instance, although we do not know the details of this particular crash, what would happen if more than one driver shared part of the fault for the accident? Could somebody recover damages if all of the fault does not rest with a single person? In Arizona, the answer is yes.

Personal injury victims have a right to receive fair compensation under Arizona law. Experienced car accident injury lawyers in Arizona will help injury victims go after each and every defendant who shares in the blame. The comparative fault system in Arizona is actually relatively simple. First, the jury is to establish a fair amount of compensation for all of the damages suffered by the Arizona injury victim including lost wages, medical bills, pain, loss of enjoyment of life, and so forth. Then, the 100 percent at fault that encompasses everybody in the accident needs to be divided up.

For instance, in this particular case a jury could maybe find that one car had 100 percent at fault and the other two cars had 0 percent. Or, a jury could find that the first car had 50 percent at fault, the second car had 50 percent at fault, and the third car had no fault. Or, we have seen cases where as many as three different people may have shared in the blame and you could see 33 percent at fault assessed against all three cars. Basically, the total fault for the accident needs to add up to 100 percent. Then, the at-fault driver must pay for their share of the damages they caused to the injured person in the Arizona car accident.

This may be confusing for some people who have not been through it. It is why searching out the most experienced or best personal injury lawyer in the State of Arizona is so important for people who are injured in car crashes throughout Phoenix and throughout the state.

If you or anybody you know has been involved in an accident where the fault is not clear, be sure to give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Even if your questions do not relate to who was at fault but you wonder how you may receive compensation for everything you’ve been through or you wonder whether or not bringing a personal injury Arizona claim makes sense, feel free to ask us the questions that you have. We take great pride in giving honest, straightforward answers so that you can make the best decision not just about whether to bring the case, but how you may approach it and whether it is the right decision for you and your loved ones to move forward. Also, you need to be able to trust that the lawyers you call will not simply talk you into bringing a case, but will tell you if there are strengths or weaknesses in the case that you need to know about before you go forward so you can have full confidence in the auto accident lawyer you hire before proceeding.

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