Phoenix Woman Seriously Injured in Car Accident

“A little bit of driver negligence has led to serious injuries.” I read this quote from Sergeant Tim Mason from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and it struck me as very true. Now, in that particular case, Sergeant Mason was referring to a serious crash that happened in the West Valley that sent seven people to the hospital and closed a section of Loop 303. Unfortunately, in that crash, one woman was seriously injured when her blue car was crushed between a truck and an SUV and she had to be flown to St. Joseph’s Hospital. According to the report, two cars had rolled through a stop sign instead of coming to a complete stop. As a result, one woman, who was completely innocent of doing anything wrong, according to these reports, has been severely injured in this Phoenix auto accident.

But that quote is one that we should all remember. “A little bit of driver negligence has led to serious injuries.” We all drive in our cars every day. We all use cars to get around and it’s a vital part of transportation throughout Arizona. However, it is vital to remember the importance of always being safe and making sure that safety is first. Keeping seat belts on. Coming to a complete stop at stop signs. Stopping for red lights. Going the speed limit. No, this is not the Arizona injury blog that has turned into a driver’s safety course. But, keep in mind there are people in other cars nearby whose lives can be devastated because of one moment of negligence on the part of any other driver.

Far too often, as experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers, we have seen people’s lives destroyed because other people had just “a little bit of driver negligence” and that action has devastated the lives of others. All too often, we have seen wrongful death cases where families have lost somebody they love, somebody they depended on, somebody they wanted to grow old with, simply because somebody else was careless for a brief moment.

And, forget for a moment the possibility of lawsuits and personal injury claims and money compensation. For anybody who is the driver in such a situation, they have to live the rest of their life knowing that they have put somebody through extreme pain, cost extremely high medical bills, often cause an inability to work for a long of time or forever, because of their own neglect.

And, for this innocent woman who now has to deal with overwhelming medical bills, likely wage loss, an unbelievable effect on her life in almost every aspect for a long period of time, and possibly the process of trying to hire the best Arizona car accident lawyer she can find for her situation, the fact that it was just “a little bit” of negligence will not take her pain away, will not give her the money she needs to live her life, and will not return her back to normal.

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