Tuscon Man Electrocuted on Construction Site

Far too many Arizona construction workers suffer serious injuries without seeking the help of the best Arizona construction accident attorney they can find because they do not know they have any such rights. All too often, people who are seriously hurt on the job just look only to workers’ compensation. It is true that workers’ compensation is the “exclusive remedy” in which to get any compensation after many on the job injuries.

However, workers’ compensation does not pay all of the lost wages, but only a portion. Workers’ compensation does not provide any money for the loss of enjoyment of life, pain, and other general damages available under a personal injury situation. It is not that every on the job injury allows for a personal injury lawsuit. But anyone who has been seriously hurt in a construction accident should take immediate steps to contact a lawyer who is aware of the exceptions to the rule that limit somebody only to workers’ compensation claims.

To make this even more favorable to the person who’s been hurt, bringing a personal injury lawsuit against an at fault or negligent party that caused an injury does not prevent the right to also make a workers’ compensation claim. We have had many clients who have received their full workers’ compensation benefits that have also been able to utilize our experience and expertise in construction accident law in Arizona from Phoenix and anywhere throughout the state to make sure that they receive full compensation above anything workmen’s comp will pay.

For instance, it has been reported in a story that a 61 year old worker at a construction site was electrocuted on February 10, 2009 while he was setting up some kind of pole that apparently had power lines. Now, whether or not this worker necessarily has a right to bring a claim outside of workers’ compensation is unknown. What is known, is that we strongly encourage this worker and anyone else injured in Arizona construction accidents to seek out a Phoenix construction accident attorney to do a full analysis to see whether or not more money is available under the law to help them through such a terrible and tragic event.

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