Wrongful Death in the Workplace Not Always Limited to Workers’ Compenstion

It has been reported that two more Arizona workers have been killed as a result of electrocution. Recently, both an SRP employee and an APS employee were killed in separate electrocution incidents. There is no lawsuit and no legal claim that can undo this tragedy for these families. However, families who have suffered workplace wrongful death in Arizona need to know that there are resources in some cases beyond just workers’ compensation.

Some may question our discussion of these issues, asserting that lawsuits cannot undo the harm. We understand that. But having helped so many families after wrongful death who have suffered the lost wages and the financial hardship that come due to the negligence of others, we know that personal injury lawyers in Phoenix and throughout Arizona have repeatedly helped families in these tragic times. We can never undo the harm caused by wrongful death. But far too many construction workers are killed, far too many of Arizona’s best workers suffer serious injury on the job, and do not realize that the workers’ compensation claim is not always their only outlet. In many cases, depending on a variety of circumstances, there are other legal resources that can provide compensation to the family and to the victim far greater than workers’ compensation. However, determining whether or not that is the case is always a detailed analysis that requires a construction accident lawyer in Arizona to help them determine whether or not there is money available far beyond that which is afforded through workers’ compensation claims to the injured worker in Arizona.

We certainly do not know whether or not in these cases of electrocution there are other assets available to these families, but we use these as an example to all of Arizona’s workers to consider the importance to the families of making sure that there is actual compensation available, and that all compensation that may be available to those who have suffered tragic losses due to on-the-job injury in Arizona receive all of the benefits that are available.

Whether to pursue such a claim is always a difficult question. While there may be many lawyers who believe every single lawsuit that can be filed must be filed, we believe it is up to each individual person and family that has suffered a serious injury to make that important decision for themselves. However, to do that they need to be able to trust that there is an experienced lawyer who can take the fight all the way to the ring if necessary, but is also willing to provide them the information and step back and allow them to choose whether or not a personal injury lawsuit after an on-the-job accident or injury is right for them. As experienced Arizona wrongful death attorneys, we are happy to answer all questions that people may have so that they can decide what is available to them, what rights they have, what compensation they may seek after a serious injury, so that they can make the decision whether or not they should pursue a personal injury claim or any other type of compensation available under the law.

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