Yuma Woman’s Death From Drunk Driving Accident Accounted For

A small bit of justice was brought to the Yuma, Arizona community following the wrongful death to Yuma resident Yvette Herrera as a result of a one-year sentence handed down to Daniel Luna. Apparently, in September Yvette Herrera was killed in a single vehicle Yuma, Arizona car accident in which Mr. Luna was the driver. It has been reported that Mr. Luna was driving under the influence at the time of this incident. It has also been reported that Mr. Luna had been previously arrested but was apparently allowed to keep his driver’s license with some limitations.

Everything that can be done to prevent drunk driving accidents in Arizona must be done. Personal injury lawyers can help drunk driving victims by not only helping them through the legal process, but by going after compensation from the drunk driver after a serious injury.

The best personal injury lawyers helping Yuma residents, Scottsdale, Arizona residents, Tucson, Arizona residents, and everywhere throughout the state know the tragedies that befall innocent victims as a result of drunk driving. In addition to the prosecution of these individuals who cause serious injuries, it is important that personal injury lawyers do everything possible to allow the families who have lost a loved one to receive every bit of compensation that they are deserved and allowed under the law. Not only does this serve the benefit of helping the survivors after such a tragedy, or the injury victim that can no longer work, but it may be one more potential harm that could befall a drunk driver that may discourage future drunk driving. Anything that can be done to do so is important.

However, deciding whether to bring a wrongful death claim after a tragedy is very difficult. While we think it is vital that families who have suffered a loss find out what legal remedies are available, we believe every family must make the decision that is in their best interest. Experienced personal injury lawyers that have taken many cases to trial, as we have, know that it is not always in everybody’s best interest to pursue the claim as far as it can go. For some families, the lawsuit could cause more grief than the outcome can justify. It is important that these families have their questions answered and that lawyers remain available to help families through these issues so they can decide whether any kind of personal injury claim after a wrongful death or drunk driving accident makes sense for that family.

We embrace our role as experienced personal injury trial lawyers not just in successfully pursuing defendants on behalf of our clients, but also in helping the families who have lost a loved one in an Arizona wrongful death car accident get their questions answered so they can decide whether or not they wish to pursue any type of lawsuit or personal injury claim.

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