4 Arizona Police Officers Died in 2008 from Negligent Drivers

When we think about brave police officers being killed in the line of duty, we usually think about gunshot wounds or fights with dangerous assailants. However, far too often our police officers are killed because of negligent drivers on our roadways. According to one report, 132 officers were killed in our country in 2008. Of that, no less than 59 police officers were killed in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, being hit by vehicles, and train accidents combined. In Arizona, according to reports, 4 police officers tragically lost their lives in 2008.

There is nothing that can replace the heartache and sadness to those families who have lost a police officer in the line of duty. To make matters worse, many police officers are the primary income to their families. Obviously, a police officer and mother/father are much more than just “bread winners.”

However, to a family suffering tragedy, far too often these police officers are told that they have no right to bring claims outside of workers’ compensation in Arizona. Too frequently, these families lose out on the opportunity to receive full and fair compensation for the children of these fallen officers and their families, had they just consulted with experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyers.

Due to an archaic rule known as the “fire fighter’s rule” it is true that there are many ways that people can deny payment to police officers who were killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. It is also true that a top Arizona personal injury attorney who has handled cases like these can often determine if there are ways for the family to receive workers’ compensation. Also, a lawyer can help the family of these fallen heroes receive personal injury settlement monies that could go a long way to at least financially help out. In cases where the tragedy is not as great, but still involves a severe injury, settlement monies can assist the police officer while he or she tries to get back on track.

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