Arizona Auto Accident Passenger Claims, What You Should Know

Passengers bringing injury claims in Arizona car accident cases are in a very different position from the drivers. When the unfortunate situation occurs where there is a passenger who has been hurt, it is extremely unusual that anybody could ever blame a passenger for causing the car crash. In this way, the passenger is not in the position of trying to fight with insurance companies over who was at fault. When a passenger in a motor vehicle accident in Arizona hires experienced personal injury attorneys, that passenger does not have to worry about anybody claiming that their amount of recovery should be reduced because of their own fault.

In many car accident cases the biggest question is who was at fault for the accident. In order to have to pay for medical bills incurred from a serious injury, wage loss to someone who is not able to continue to work after a serious accident, or any other expenses or compensation to someone who has been seriously hurt, a person must first be proved to be negligent.

Arizona insurance companies will not pay out in claims simply because somebody was badly hurt or even killed. They will pay out in claims under the policy only where it can be proven that their driver was at fault. In this way, while passengers still have to prove their damages, and proving fair damages usually requires the best possible auto accident lawyers in Phoenix, at the very least there is not an argument that the passenger caused the accident and therefore there is a much greater likelihood of full recovery for what the passenger went through.

For instance, in a recent report of a tragic accident that took place at Cactus and Scottsdale Road, a maroon Saturn reportedly failed to stop and rear-ended a white Ford at a red light. A passenger was reportedly killed as a result of this car accident in Arizona. Nothing can undo this tragic accident, and our heart goes out to the people who knew the decedent and to her family. However, we use this tragic accident – one of so many on our roadways that is completely preventable – as an example of the fact that it would be extremely unlikely that anyone would ever be able to blame a passenger for what happened.

Therefore, in cases where somebody is killed in a car accident and that person was making money that the family relied upon, the ability to get compensated for lost wages is more likely when the person who was killed was a passenger. Of course, in many cases the fact that a driver was not at fault can be proven with the help of a skilled Arizona car accident lawyer, but passengers do not even need to enter that fight or to engage in that fight in almost any case.

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