Arizona Car-Related Injuries Include Pick-Up Truck Beds

Rollover accidents in Arizona cause a lot of the injuries that we see as Arizona Injury Attorneys. However, we’d like to take this opportunity to warn anybody who is driving to avoid leaving people in the bed of a pickup truck. The bed of a pickup truck is a very dangerous place and yet we see, far too often, people in the back of a pickup in a moving vehicle.

Unfortunately, about 28,000 people die every year as a result of falling against or from a vehicle, according to a report. If you consider the height involved, even allowing children to play in the back of a pickup truck that is not moving could be very dangerous. For instance, as the children stand up, it is easy for them to fall over the truck’s side. They could potentially land on an outstretched arm or, in the most severe cases, land on their head causing terrible, preventable injuries, and even wrongful death.

While one could argue that in the case of people getting hurt in the back of a pickup truck by someone else rear ending them, that it is not the fault of the person who allowed those people to sit in the back of the pickup truck, this does not erase children’s injuries in Phoenix.

Moreover, some would argue that allowing anybody to sit in the back of a pickup truck – moving or not – is a negligent act. We can avoid all these injuries and eliminate an estimated 28,000 injuries or deaths a year by simply enforcing a rule that we will not allow people to ride or play in the back of a pickup truck.

Any time someone is hurt in such a way, there are going to be many legal issues and potential defenses raised that cannot be sorted out in this one article. It would take an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer to be able to explain in a one-on-one conversation with anybody who had questions about all the ramifications of injuries that were suffered by the person and family involved. The reality is that who is likely to be found negligent in such a situation, or how the negligence would be split, is a very fact-intensive question that requires a case-by-case review and a skilled Scottsdale truck accident lawyer to be able to explain to that family.

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