Arizona Tourist Bus Accident Story of Missing Boy

Arizona Personal injury attorneys do not just help “accident victims” recover money. The truth is, the stories of heroism and courage are heard daily by experienced accident lawyers.

We have all by now heard of the serious bus accident in Arizona that involved Chinese Tourists on their drive towards the Grand Canyon. However, I came across this story recently that is a scary, and yet, in some ways, inspiring as any I have read.

Wu Shougui said that he was the only passenger awake on the bus before the fateful crash that took so many innocent lives because of a negligent bus driver. Forgetting for a minute about the bus accident lawsuits, litigation, and insurance claims that are going to arise from this accident; instead, think about the moment of the crash. Wu was sitting several rows behind his wife and son.

Immediately after the crash you could hear his wife screaming that their son was no longer there. Something was pressing down on her legs and according to the published reports, Wu Shougui had to somehow climb out of this bus through the wreckage. He went through all the terrible sights he must have seen, the sounds and screaming he must have heard, all in the hopes of trying to find his boy who was no longer on the bus. Moments before he had been the only one awake on this bus, and now he was facing the prospect of trying to even find his son in this horrendous wreckage. According to Wu Shougui, “I was frightened to death. I was so scared he was dead.”

So often the cynical people amongst us want to belittle the people who struggle after serious Phoenix auto accidents. Far too often, all we hear is about their personal injury claims, injury lawyers, lawsuits and so forth. But most of these lawsuits start from a terrible tragedy and come from somebody trying to receive compensation as a result of everything they have gone through.

Time and again, neglect on the part of one person causes tragedy for others. We all know of the large number of deaths and tragedies that resulted in this crash. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending.

“When I found him, two American women were taking care of him. They had covered him with a coat. They were covering his eyes so he couldn’t see the crash site.”

Fortunately for Wu Shougui’s family, the little boy had been thrown onto a patch of sand and he is going to be okay. It is nice to see a story of survival even in such a terrible tragedy.

Many people do not realize how different our system of justice is from the Chinese system of justice. For those people not as lucky as this family, they probably do not realize that it requires an experienced personal injury lawyer in Arizona to help them through their claim. Most people don’t realize they have the right to a free consultation with somebody who has expertise in this area and can at least answer their questions. Most importantly, for this one family at least, it is not about personal injury claims following devastation but about a heartwarming story and a tragedy that was avoided.

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