Arizona Train Accidents Occur Far Too Often

It has recently been reported what many experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyers already know– that there are far too many railroad accidents in Arizona. That far too many dangerous railroad crossings are causing the death of innocent people. That the government needs to take more action to prevent terrible tragedies from taking place at intersections with trains that they already know to be dangerous. People who are driving throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area near Grand Avenue should not have their lives in jeopardy every time they head out.

The recent reports indicate that the train crossing at 35th Avenue and Grand Avenue, the railroad tracks that cross at Thomas Road and Grand Avenue, and the 27th Avenue and Grand Avenue train intersection are on the Federal Railroad Administration’s radar, and they have been since 2002. In fact, according to reports there have been more than 30 accidents between trains and cars in a three-year period, alone.

What must be done to protect people from these accidents? What must be done to make these crossings safer. Obviously, whatever is being done is not nearly enough.

People often question the value of personal injury lawyers to society. Well, here is one example. Whatever can be done must be done to make these crossings safer. Sometimes, it takes the threat of losing money for the government to actually step up and do what is necessary to protect innocent lives from being lost. It is not enough for the government to sit back and simply point a finger at the driver of the car in every auto accident in Arizona. At a certain point in time when this many accidents are taking place between trains and cars in Phoenix, something must be done.

We strongly encourage anybody who has been involved in any kind of train wreck in Arizona where the train has responsibility or liability to seek legal counsel. And sometimes, even when the train might not have been “at fault” in that particular accident, it was the setup of the intersection with the railroad tracks that caused the inevitable accident to take place.

If you or anybody you know has been involved in a serious crash with a train in Arizona, we strongly encourage you to speak to an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer. That lawyer will have the opportunity to do a full investigation and take every step possible not only to help the family and the person who has been wrongly affected by the train crash, but also allows for a complete study of that particular intersection to see if it was inherently dangerous and if serious accidents between cars and trains were inevitable based upon the design and the signage available.

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