Arizona Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Need Their Families’ Help

After suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) the victim is often put in a terrible position. First, very few people understand the ramifications following a traumatic head injury. Also, the average layperson does not know how to deal with somebody who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. On TV and in the movies, somebody who suffers a traumatic brain injury either dies or they are so severely disabled that they can no longer speak or live life in any way that resembles the life they had before.

The reality is that those who suffer traumatic brain injuries, according to the the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke website, will often go on to try to live some semblance of the life they had. People who suffer severe head injuries will often need surgeries to remove or repair hematomas (ruptured blood vessels) or brain contusions (bruised brain tissue). Also, the disabilities that result from TBI will often depend on the location in the brain of the injury, the age of the person who suffered that injury, and a host of other factors.

Now, obviously after suffering a severe traumatic brain injury, people do not immediately consider whether or not they should be consulting with a personal injury lawyer. However, after almost any other accident causing injury, at some point before the statute of limitations runs in Arizona, the person will give thought to whether or not they need a lawyer.

When it comes to severe brain injuries, particularly those brain injuries where the person does get back to living their life to some degree but cannot return to work or live the life they used to have, they may not be able to be in a position to give real thought to whether or not the injury they suffered was caused by somebody else. They may not be in a position to think through whether or not a skilled Phoenix accident lawyer might help them get reimbursed for the money they’ve lost or provide them with better mental health care than they could otherwise receive.

This is one of the reasons that we feel so strongly about the importance of the families of people who have suffered severe brain injuries and traumatic brain injuries in auto accidents or other incidents to contact experienced personal injury lawyers in Arizona. It is true that it is not always a question of whether to hire a lawyer. Sometimes, after a severe brain injury there is no possible lawsuit. In other cases, there may be a possible lawsuit, but that lawsuit is not in the best interest of the person who has suffered the brain injury, or maybe it cannot provide any real assistance or help, even if the claim can be won.

Unless the family of a person who has suffered the traumatic brain injury is there to help, or unless a medical provider, caregiver, neighbor, or friend guides them and helps them out in seeking out legal advice, the ability to receive better treatment, better care, and live a better life after the traumatic brain injury can be lost.

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